The Community Heartbeat can offer assistance with fundraising for your defibrillator project in a myriad of different ways. 


We offer free and impartial advice on all matters regarding community defibrillation, however if you would like us to come and visit your Parish Council or Community Group for a face to face discussion we can arrange this is most circumstances.

We can also bring a variety of different defibrillators for you to look at including demo units so that you can see how they function first hand.


To assist with your fundraising we can provide DrsABC leaflets to inform the public about protocol of cardiac arrest and how to repond appropriately, Minutes Matter leaflets that provide information on who we are and why we do what we do as well as various other pamphlets to assist with fundraising efforts.


We can provide as many as you think you may need, we only ask that should your fundraising finish you send these back to us so we can send them on to others.


Perosnalised Banking facilities available where will issue you with a unique reference code to donate money against. This will then be ringfenced and will only be made available to the cPAD site it is donated towards. We also at request can provide running totals of the account as donations come in.


 We can also provide your community with a peronalised donation page specific to your scheme.

This can include a custom logo, name and a fund raising meter if requested.

This will be automatically be linked to your unique reference code which will let us know where

the donation needs to go. 

We will provide you with a URL and an overview of the account whenever you request it.

It is our belief that defibrillators should be as common as fire extinguishers, cared for, and readily available.  

Approximately 95% of people who suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), will die before reaching the hospital and 30,000 people this year will suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

with effective community initiatives in place, the survival rate could be as high as 50%.

You and your community are the most important line of defense against cardiac arrest and none of this would be possible without you choosing to implement a community defibrillator project in your area.

To those of you about to fund-raise we salute you and will provide as much as possible free of charge to enable you to reach your fund-raising goals. 














Please make sure you have read and understood this disclaimer - It will be assumed that you have read prior to CHT receiving any request. CHT are not responsible for your fund raising, nor your cPAD operations, but may assist in both. CHTs only aim is to support the installation of a cPAD scheme in the most cost effective way possible adhering to Best Practice, and help save lives in your community. This website, and any downloaded information, is for information only on how to go about obtaining and installing a cPAD, and other relevant information. All copyrights and trademarks are recognised. All support for the cPAD will be undertaken by the village committee responsible and via standard manufacturers warranties. Any training organisation will only be responsible for the initial awareness training and not for the functioning or maintenance of the AED. Please do not send any monies to CHT until you have registered your scheme with us, and have agreement from the local ambulance service for the establishment of a cPAD scheme. All schemes must be registered with the local ambulance service (CHT will also undertake this or you can do via this site, but this does not remove responsibility for you to notify the local ambulance service of your AED location). 999/112 (ambulance) must always be called prior to using a cPAD equipment. VAT may be applicable if your organisation is not an eligible body as defined by HMRC. All current or historical claims for VAT will be met by the local community. All schemes will be asked to sign an agreement taking responsibility for their own fund raising and donations to CHT, and then the operation and maintenance of the cPAD equipment. All CHT provided schemes will need to manage their maintenance through the WebNoS online system as a condition of CHT support. It is your responsibility to maintain the equipment in working order and to make sure the local ambulance service is aware of this. WebNoS makes this possible and also acts as an audit trail for management of the equipment. Sites provided by CHT and not using WebNoS may be disengaged from the ambulance service CAD systems. Any web site showing defibrillator locations is for information only, and should not be used in preference to dialling 999. CHT works in close cooperation with the UK ambulance services. Always dial 999 in an emergency

Registered Charity Number - 1132824